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Quick reference Cataloguing tools by activity: Authority work | Catalogue maintenance | Classification | Cuttering | Description | Language handling | Management/Training | MARC record manipulation | Subject analysis
Cataloguing tools by format: Archival materials | Books | Cartographic materials | E-journals | Gov docs | Music | Rare materials | Remote electronic resources | Serials | Theses & dissertations | Visual materials
Cataloguing tools by subject: Art | Law | Medicine
Reference resources for cataloguers
LC Z39.50 Gateway
Local tools Bibliographical translation tables -- Listing of English equivalents for common bibliographical terms
Cataloguing statistics for 1998/1999 | 1999/2000 | 2000/2001 | 2001/2002 | 2003/2004 | 2004/2005 | 2005/2006 | 2006/2007 | 2007/2008 | 2008/2009 | 2009/2010 | 2010/2011 | 2011/2012 | 2012/2013
Class PS8000 -- Canadian literature classification
Emerging technical standards: metadata | description & access
LC cutter tables
Policies and procedures by subject | by MARC field
Regions and countries Cutter table
Research on catalogues and cataloguing
Serial holding codes for Union List
Special Projects: GovDoc Integration | Recon
Symphony toolkit -- Verify lists, tables, & guides to using SIRSI at MUN
Other technical service-related professional, library and commercial homepages
Functional analysis of the MARC21 bibliographic & holdings formats
Understanding MARC bibliographic: machine-readable cataloging
Was sollen Bibliothekskataloge?
MARC21 format for authority data: here | LC
MARC21 format for bibliographic data : LC
MARC21 format for bibliographic data: here Field listing, 001-9xx | Leader & fixed fields | Variable Fields
MARC21 format for classification data
MARC21 format for community information
MARC21 format for holdings: here | LC
MARC21 code list for countries: here | LC
MARC21 code list for geographic areas: here | LC
MARC21 code list for languages: here | LC
MARC21 code list for organizations (NUC codes)
MARC21 code list for relators, sources, description conventions
MARCdocs : MARC 21 bibliographic database
MARCXML : MARC21 XML schema from LC
MARBI Proposals | Discussion papers
Library & Archives Canada MARC standards
OCLC bibliographic formats
Library of Congress
cataloguing tools
Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO)
Cataloging Distribution Service publications in .pdf
Core bibliographic standard for Books | Cartographic materials | Electronic resources (monographic) | Graphic materials | Moving image materials | Scores | Sound recordings
LC authority files
LC classification outline at | LC
LC Home Page -- Library of Congress WWW Server
LC subject headings: LC Weekly Lists | Standard subdivisions
LC Z39.50 Gateway
Library of Congress documentation for the RDA test
national library
Bibliothèque nationale de France
British Library
National Library of Australia
Library and Archives Canada (NLC)
National Library of Ireland (Leabharlann Náisiúnta na hÉireann)
National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
National Library of New Zealand (Te Puna Mātauranga O Aotearoa)
National Library of Scotland
Libraries Australia
OCLC Home Page
   OCLC participating institutions list
   Open WorldCat
   Searching Connexion reference card
& meetings
ALCTS Big Heads reports
Bicentennial Conference on Bibliographic Control for the New Millenium -- Library of Congress, Washington, DC, Nov. 17-19, 2000
Dublin Core meetings and presentations
IFLA Meeting of Experts on an International Cataloguing Code: 1 (Berlin, 2003) | 2 (Buenos Aires, 2004) | 3 (Cairo, 2005) | 4 (Seoul, 2006) | 5 (Pretoria, 2007)
TSIG meetings
electronic serials
ALCTS newsletter online
Associates -- the electronic library support staff journal
Biblio-tech review
D-LIB magazine
ITAL -- Information technology & libraries
LC Cataloging newsline
LIBRES -- Library and information science research journal
OCLC newsletter
OCLC technical bulletins
SERIALST archives
Technical services law librarian
Electronic lists AcqWeb
AUTOCAT home/archives
FRBR Discussion List
MedCat -- for medical catalogers
Next Generation Catalogs for Libraries
OCLC Internet lists
SERIALST archives
TSIG-L (Technical Services Interest Group of the Canadian Library Association)
UNICODE-MARC Discussion List
Web4Lib home page
Blogs/Wikis Catalogablog / David Bigwood
Cataloging Futures / Christine Schwartz
Coyle's InFormation / Karen Coyle
FRBR Blog / William Denton
futurelib / Karen Coyle
Library weblogs from Libdex
Lorcan Dempsey's weblog
Outgoing : Library metadata techniques & trends / Thom Hickey
Planet Cataloging
Thingology / Tim Spalding
LibWorm : search Library RSS feeds
LISZen : Library & Information Science Search Engine
Other remote tools
of interest
to cataloguers
British Library Bibliographic Services
Cataloger's Reference Shelf
Cataloguing cheat sheets from Mac Elrod
Functional requirements: the FRBR family of models
IFLA FRBR Review Group
Internet Library for Librarians
Librarians' Yellow Pages
Multilingual dictionary of cataloguing terms and concepts (MulDiCat)
Newfoundland Library Association links -- regional, national & international
NISO (National Information Standards Organization)
Program for Cooperative Cataloguing (PCC)
Remote library
OPAC finding tools
World Wide Web-based library catalogues
Z39.50 access to library catalogs

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