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Cutter tables for Canadian provinces and American states

Use the following tables to establish the Cutter number for American states and Canadian provinces for all new entries in the shelflist. Use these tables only when the form caption in the classification schedules reads By state, A-Z or By province, A-Z, and if there is no other conflict. If a conflict exists, adjust the Cutter number accordingly by perpetuating the existing Cutter. Note that MUN Cuttering differs from LC for New Brunswick and Newfoundland & Labrador. LC Cutters for these two provinces are in parentheses.

Canadian province Cutter numbers

Alberta .A3
British Columbia .B8
Manitoba .M3
New Brunswick .N3 (.N5)
Newfoundland and Labrador .N4 (.N6)
Northwest Territories .N7
Nova Scotia .N8
Nunavut .N9
Ontario .O6
Prince Edward Island .P8
Québec (Province) .Q4 (.Q3)
Saskatchewan .S2
Yukon (Territory) .Y8

U. S. state Cutter numbers

Alabama .A2 Montana .M9
Alaska .A4 Nebraska .N2
Arizona .A6 Nevada .N3
Arkansas .A8 New Hampshire .N4
California .C2 New Jersey .N5
Colorado .C6 New Mexico .N6
Connecticut .C8 New York (State) .N7
Delaware .D3 North Carolina .N8
District of Columbia .W18 North Dakota .N9
Florida .F6 Ohio .O5
Georgia .G4 Oklahoma .O7
Hawaii .H3 Oregon .O8
Idaho .I2 Pennsylvania .P4
Illinois .I3 Rhode Island .R4
Indiana .I6 South Carolina .S6
Iowa .I8 South Dakota .S8
Kansas .K2 Tennessee .T2
Kentucky .K4 Texas .T4
Louisiana .L8 Utah .U8
Maine .M2 Vermont .V5
Maryland .M3 Virginia .V8
Massachusetts .M4 Washington (D.C.) .W18
Michigan .M5 Washington (State) .W2
Minnesota .M6 West Virginia .W4
Mississippi .M7 Wisconsin .W6
Missouri .M8 Wyoming .W8

Use for U.S. states where the LC Classification Schedule indicates "By state or region, A-Z."