Botany of Newfoundland and Labrador as seen through the eyes of Waghorne, Southcott and Ayre

Between 1895 and 1935, three significant botanical works were published on the flora of Newfoundland and Labrador by amateur botantists. Rev. Arthur C. Waghorne's "The Flora of Newfoundland, Labrador, and St. Pierre et Miquelon" appeared in the Proceedings and Transactions of the Nova Scotian Institute of Science as a series of three articles (1895, 1898, 1898). It was also issued as a single work in 1898. Kay Waghorne sketched a number of drawings for her brother as did Mary Southcott, who was briefly engaged to him. Unfortunately Waghorne's work did not incorporate these drawings, nor did Southcott's which was published in 1915 under the title "Some Newfoundland Wild Flowers". However, Agnes Marion Miller Ayre in her "Wild Flowers of Newfoundland" (1935) provided black and white copies of her own drawings. Many of the original colour drawings and some of those of K. Waghorne have survived. The drawings are housed in the Agnes Marion Miller Ayre Herbarium at Memorial University along with a number of Ayre's plant samples.
This website brings together the works by Ayre[Introduction], Southcott [Introduction]and Waghorne[Introduction] noted above. It offers a chance for the researcher to view what each botantist wrote about the families listed. The text of each has been transcribed and in the case of Ayre the illustrations digitized for Web viewing. An index is provided so researchers can view the family of plants in which they are interested. The index entries were taken directly from the works themselves. The A., S. and W. that follows each entry represents the presence of an entry for the Ayre, Southcott, Waghorne works respectively.
Aceraceae (S.)
Algae (S.)
Apocynaceae (W.)
Araliaceae (S., W.)
Barberry Family (A., W.)
Beech Family (A.)
Berberidaceae (A., W.)
Betulaceae (A., S.)
Bindweed Family (S., W.)  
Birch Family (A., S.)
Bladderwort Family (W.)
Borage Family (S., W.)
Boraginaceae (S., W.)
Broomrape Family (W.)
Buckthorn Family (W.)
Buckwheat Family (A., S.)
Buttercup family (A., S., W.)
Campanula Family (S., W.)
Campanulaceae (S., W.)
Caprifoliaceae (S., W.)
Caryophllaceae (A., S., W.)
Chenopodiaceae (S.)
Club Moss Family (S.)
Compositae (S., W.)
Composite Family (S., W.)
Compound Family (S., W.)
Coniferae (S.)
Convolvulaceae (S., W.)
Convolvulus Family (S., W.)
Cornaceae (S., W.)
Crassulaceae (A., W.)
Crowberry Family (S.)
Crowfoot Family (A., S., W.)
Crucifer Family (A., S., W.)
Cruciferae (A., S., W.)
Cyperaceae (S.)
Diapensia Family (W.)
Diapensiaceae (W.)
Dog Bane Family (W.)
Dogwood Family (S., W.)
Droseraceae (A., S. W.)
Empetraceae (S.)
Equisetaceae (S.)
Ericaceae (S., W.)
Evening Primrose Family (S., W.)
Fagaceae (A.)
Fern Family (S.)
Figwort family (S., W.)
Filices (S.)
Flax Family (W.)
Flowerless Plants (S.)
Fumariaceae (A., S., W.)
Fumitory family (A., S., W.)
Fungi (S.)
Gentian Family (W.)
Gentianaceae (W.)
Geraniaceae (W.)
Geranium Family (W.)
Ginseng Family (S., W.)
Gooseberry Family (S.)
Goosefoot Family (S.)
Gramineae (S.)
Grossulariaceae (S.)
Hair-Bell Family (S., W.)
Halorageae (W.)
Hamamelaceae (W.)
Heath Family (S., W.)
Holly Family (W.)
Honeysuckle Family (S., W.)
Horsetail Famiyl[sic] (S.)
Huckleberry Family (W.)
Hydrophyllaceae (W.)
Hypericaceae (W.)
Ilicineae (W.)
Indian Pipe Family (S., W.)
Iridaceae (S.)
Iris Family (S.)
Ivy Family (S., W.)
Juncaceae (S.)
Labiatae (S., W.)
Labiate Family (S.)
Leadwort Family (W.)  

Leguminosae (S., W.)
Lentibulariaceae (W.)
Lichen Family (S.)
Lichenes (S.)
Liliaceae (S.)
Lily Family (S.)
Linaceae (W.)
Lobelia Family (S., W.)
Lobeliaceae (S., W.)
Lycopodiaceae (S.)
Lythraceae (W.)
Madder Family (W.)
Maple Family (S.)
Menispermaceae (W.)
Mint Family (S., W.)
Monotropaceae (S., W.)
Moss Family (S.)
Mushroom Family (S.)
Mustard Family (A., S., W.)
Myricaceae (A., S.)
Nettle Family (A., S.)
Nymphaeaceae (A., S., W.)
Oleaceae (W.)
Olive Family (W.)
Onagraceae (S.)
Orchid Family (A., S.)
Orchidaceae (A., S.)
Orobanchaceae (W.)
Orpine Family (A., W.)
Papaveraceae (A., W.)
Parsley Family (W.)
Pea Family (S., W.)
Pine Family (S.)
Pink Family (A., S., W.)
Pipewort Family (S., W.)
Pitcher Plant Family (A., S., W.)
Plantain Family (S., W.)
Plataginaceae (S., W.)
Plumbaginaceae (W.)
Pologonaceae (A., S.)
Polymoniaceae (S.)
Poppy Family (A., W.)
Portulaceae (A., W.)
Potatoe Family (W.)
Primrose Family (S., W.)
Primulaceae (S., W.)
Purslane Family (A., W.)
Ranunculaceae (A., S., W.)
Rhamnaceae (W.)
Rosaceae (A., S., W.)
Rose family (A., S., W.)
Rubiaceae (W.)
Rush Family (S.)
Salicaceae (A., S.)
Sandalwood Family (A.)
Santalaceae (A.)
Sapindaceae (W.)
Sarraceniaceae (A., S., W.)
Saxifragaceae (A., W.)
Saxifrage Family (A., W.)
Scrophulariaceae (S., W.)
Seaweed (S.)
Sedge Family (S.)
Soap-berry Family (W.)
Solanaceae (W.)
St. John's Wort Family (W.)
Sundew Family (A., S., W.)
Sweet Gale Family (A., S.)
Umbelliferae (W.)
Urticaceae (A., S.)
Vacciniaceae (W.)
Valerian Family (W.)
Valerianaceae (W.)
Violaceae (S., W.)
Violet family (S., W.)
Water Milfoil Family (W.)
Water-hazel Family (W.)
Waterleaf Family (W.)
Water-lily Family (A., S., W.)
Willow Family (A., S.)
Willow Herb Family (S.)