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Waghorne's Gentian Family

LXIV.---GENTIANACEAE. Gentian Family.

451. Bartonia tenella, Muhl. Screwstem. Open woods. (Gray, Cat. II., 327).

452. Bartonia, sp.* (Centaurella Moseri, Steud. & Hochst.). A plant which appears to represent, at least in part, this rare and poorly understood species, was discovered in a small bog near Holyrood (Robinson and Schrenk: for their further remarks on this plant see their “notes”). August.

453. Gentiana crinita, Froel. Blue-fringed Gentian (Reeks). *Bartonia iodandra, Robinson. Botanical Gazette, 1898, July, p. 47.

454. G. quinqueflora, Lam. Parson’s Pond. Bonne Bay (Bullman). Dry hillsides. August

455. G. propinqua, Richards. Lab: (Gray, Cat. II., 322). On hillsides at Amour and lowlands at Bonne Esperance (Stearns–Packard). Prof. Macoun notes, however, that this is more likely to be the next.

456. G. Amarella, L. var. acuta, Hook. Autumnal or Small-flowered Gentian. (Reeks; common in short grass); Chimney Cove, Bay of Islands (A. C. W.–Robinson). Lab: (Gray, Cat. II., 322); Hopedale (Weiz), and Caribou Island (Butler-Packard); by myself in the strait; L’anse au Clair and Forteau (Fowler). August.

457. G. serrata, Gunner. Shorn or Smaller-fringed Gentian. Wet grounds, by streams and on rocks (Gray, Cat. II., 321); Englee (Revd. R. Temple–Fowler).

458. G. Andrewsii, Griseb. (Reeks).

459. G. nivalis, L. Small Alpine Gentian. Lab: collected by the Moravian Brethren (Gray), and Hopedale (Weiz–Packard).

460. Halenia deflexa, Griseb. Spursed Gentian. Felwort. (Reeks); Conche (N. E. coast), New Harbour and Bay of Islands or Chimney Cove (A. C. W.–Macoun and Fowler). Lab: Forteau Bay (Miss Brodie); on hillsides at L’anse Amour, and lowlands at Bonne Espérance (Stearns); Caribou Islands (Butler---Packard); Bluff Head (Hamilton Inlet), Capstan Islaands and Forteau in the Strait (A. C. W.–Fowler). Hills. August. Var. Brentoniana, Gray. Harbour Grace (Cat. II., 326). Rocky hills, S. John’s (R. & S.) August.

461. Menyanthes trifoliata, L. Buck or Bog Bean. Quite common in bogs, swamps and slow-flowing streams, from Labrador, Newfoundland, etc., to the Pacific, and northward to Sitka (Cat II., 327) (Reeks); West of Random (Cormack), and at New Harbour in the same neighbourhood (A. C. W.); also at Hermitage Bay, Fortune Bay, Bonne Bay and Bay of Islands (A. C. W.) Lab: Hopedale (Weiz), and Caribou Island (Butler–Packard); Holton (A. C. W.). Flora Miq., common. June.

462. Pleurogyne rotata, Griseb. (Cat. II., 325); Englee (A.C.W.). Lab: on the flat at Caribou and low lands at Bonne Esperance (Stearns—Packard); Battle Harbour, and at Sandwich Bay, and Hamilton Inlet. August. Var? Harbour Breton (A.C.W.—Macoun).

463. P. carinthiaca, Griseb. Var. pusilla, Gray. Conche, sea beach (A.C.W.—Fowler). Lab: (Hooker, Cat. II., 325); Battle Harbour and neighbourhood (A.C.W.) August—September.

*Bartonia iodandra, Robinson. Botanical Gazette, 1898, July, p. 47.


*Arthur C. Waghorne. The Flora of Newfoundland, Labrador and St. Pierre et Miquelon.
Proceedings and transactions of the Nova Scotian Institute of Science, 1898, p. 391-393