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Waghorne's Water Milfoil Family

XXV. HALORAGEAE. Water Milfoil Family.

221. Myriophyllum spicatum, Linn. Spiked Water Milfoil. In abundance about Deer Lake, on West Coast (R. Bell). (Cat. I., 166).

222. M. alternifolium, D. C. Whitbourne. Immersed in shallow water of ponds (Robinson and Schrenk). August.

223. M. verticillatum, Linn. Whorled Water Milfoil (Reeks). Flora Miq. This and the first in stagnant water of the plain and Market Place Point of Miquelon. Common. July.

224. M. tenellum, Bigl. Water places (Cat. I., 167) ; (Reeks) ; New Harbour Brook (A. C. W.) ; shallow water, Quidi Vidi Lake, S. John's (Robinson and Schrenk). August.

225. Hippuris vulgaris, Linn. Common Mare's Tail. Pools of water and margins of lakes in Newfoundland and Labrador (Cat. I., 167 ; near Bonne Bay, rare (Reeks) ; muddy banks Exploits River, near the mouth of Badger's Brook (Robinson and Schrenk) ; ponds, Tickle Harbour and Harbour Deep (A. C. W.) August. Lab: Cape Chudleigh (R. Bell. Cat. I., 167; III., 529) ; Hopedale (Weiz) (Packard] ; Fox Harbour (A. C. W.) Flora Miq. Damp places ; common. July.

226. H. maritima, Hellenius. Lab.: (Morrison. Cat. I.,168).

227. Callitriche verna, Linn. Spring Starwort. (Reeks). Lab: Capstan Island, Long Point and Battle Harbour (A. C. W., Macoun and Fowler) ; ponds.

228. C. autumnalis, Linn. Autumnal Starwort. Green's Harbour (A. C. W.) August.

229. C. heterophylla, Pursh. Whitbourne; borders of ponds (Robinson and Schrenk.) August.


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