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Waghorne's* Pipewort Family

LVII.---MONOTROPACEAE. Pipewort Family.

431. Monotropa uniflora, L. Indian Pipe. Corpseplant (Ghostplant or Ghostflower). New Harbour and B. of I., Fortune Bay (A. C. W.); near Cairn Mountain, Flat Bay (Bell); (Reeks); S. John’s (Miss Southcott and R. & S. Messrs. Robinson and Schrenk remark,–“in woods near the Exploits River a small form was found, which, although agreeing as to anther and stigma with M. uniflora, had flowers in size just intermediate between this and M. Hypopitys. In drying, also, these plants have assumed an intermediate color between the black of the former species and the tawny color of the latter.” Bear’s Harbour, Parson’s Pond, Bonne Bay (Bullman). Woods. August.

432. Hypopitys lanuginosa, Nutt. Yellow or Pine Birds-nest or Pinesap (Reeks); in woods near Exploits River (R. & S.); Great Cod Roy River (Bell); White Bay (Bullman). Woods. July, August.


*Arthur C. Waghorne. The Flora of Newfoundland, Labrador and St. Pierre et Miquelon.
Proceedings and transactions of the Nova Scotian Institute of Science, 1898, p. 389